Do You Need Insurance?

Want to make sure your insurance is covered

Make sure you assess the value of your items

Make a list of all of your valuable items. They would be cameras, furniture, electronics, glassware, appliances, etc. Make sure to give each item a number and an estimated weight. If a large quantity of books is being placed into one box, assign that box a weight. This can also be done for kitchen items, knickknacks, clothes, or any item that has multiple quantities.

Assign each box a replacement value. This means what it would cost to replace the contents with comparable items. The new item must have the same use and purpose. This is applicable unless the cost of repairing or replacing the item would be less.

In situations of fine art, antiques, or instruments, please be sure to make it known to our team that they are there and where, and make sure that extra precautions are taken when packing and insuring each of these items.

Use pictures to record all of your pieces, especially the highly valuable ones. This accomplishes two things; it will help in keeping inventory correct, and will help out if a claim needs to be filed.

Total up the number of items, total weight, and total value. Put these all together and keep them available for when you are talking with moving and storage companies. This will go a long way in determining if the company will offer you enough coverage for your items.

No matter what your needs are Illinois Movers has you covered!
Illinois Movers Inc Coverage

Illinois Movers Inc Coverage

Your household items are covered under this policy free of charge. Long distance moves outside of Illinois are covered at $.60 per item.

Full value protection

Full value protection

With this coverage anything that is destroyed, damaged, or lost, will be repaired or replaced. In normal situations there is a minimum coverage amount and applicable deductions that apply. See, no hidden fees!

Illinois Movers In wants to take care of all of your moving needs

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