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get an estimate on your move!

Send us an online request for a moving quote and be assured you will get a quote that fits your needs and most importantly, your budget.

One of our experienced team members will come to your home and go over everything with you. They will then estimate the approximate weight and size of your items as a whole. Our team member will go through your house with you, room by room with a camera. It can even be done using Face Time if you prefer.

Illinois Movers In wants to take care of all of your moving needs

Not just one time, but in the future as well. We consider you a part of our family and we want to be there for you. Today and in the future as well!

Just let us know your preference. We will then go over everything with you that you need to know. Packing needs, protection, and the service options that we can make available to you. This way we can come up with a package that suits your needs.

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Do you know how companies calculate your quote?

Do you know how companies calculate your quote?

The date you move is important. It can affect your total cost just by what day you want to move. If you move on a Monday it could end up being less expensive for you than if you did it on a Friday or Saturday. If you need to move in on a specific date, we offer services for fixed dates along with flexible storage plans. How far you are moving is another important factor.

Moving cost

Moving cost

As soon as you have the address for your new destination we can start to calculate the distance and potential cost for you. When our team member has all of your important information such as the number of miles you are moving, and the estimated weight of your precious belongings, they can give you an In-home estimate. That’s right, no waiting!

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