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Here’s an inside packing tips for you.

Summer is THE moving season. If at all possible you should try to schedule your move at any other time of the year. Many moving companies will offer off peak discounts that you can take advantage of. Also the first and last weeks of each month are the busiest times of the month all year long. So keep those things in mind and you just might save a little money!

Here are some valuable packing tips, whether you are doing the packing or letting us do it for you.

Before moving get rid of what you don’t need or want. If it hasn’t been used in a year or more and isn’t an heirloom it probably isn’t needed.
DO NOT put protective coating or wax on your furniture ahead of the move.
The protective coating you use may leave permanent marks.
Keep your boxes light and easy to move. You don’t want to overload any boxes. If it can’t be picked up easily it weighs too much. You want to keep them less than 50 pounds when possible. And split up your books. Don’t put them all in the same box.
Use the proper type of boxes when packing. This will ensure that your items arrive in tact. On a side note plastic garbage bags are not ever considered good packing boxes. When you pack a box pad it accordingly.
Don’t be afraid to use bubble wrap or packing paper in your boxes. If you have any doubts if something is safe or not throw some more cushion in there to be safe.
Dishes should only be packed in a vertical position in a dish barrel.
Don’t ever stack your dishes in a box. One dish pack should safely fit four place settings in it. Don’t try to put more than that in there because there won’t be enough room for proper padding to keep them from breaking.
Never pack fragile items in the same box as bulky or heavy items.
Mark your boxes clearly with the name of the room they go to. This makes everything much easier to manage upon arrival at your new destination.
It’s always a good idea to keep a separate list of what is in each box for easy finding upon arrival at your new residence or place of business.
Unplug all of your TV’s and computers 24 hours before you move.
Carry all of your valuables such as jewelry money and medications with you. The movers are not responsible for these items.

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